Rug Cleaning and Stain Removal in Montpelier, VA

August 6, 2021

“Great service! Pick up and delivery was very courteous and reliable. Everyone I spoke with or came in contact with was helpful, knowledgeable and courteous. Rugs looked really clean and stains removed. Highly recommend!”
– Dana B. in Montpelier, VA

Our mission is to deliver customer-focused professional rug cleaning, repair and restoration services to the community! To learn more about our cleaning offers or to schedule your rug pickup and delivery, call Hadeed-Mercer Carpet at 804-358-3811 or fill out our web form here:

Professional Rug Repairs and Restoration in Richmond, VA

July 29, 2021

Did you know that along with expert rug cleaning, we also offer professional rug repairs and restoration? Our in-house staff of skilled re-weavers and restoration specialists will help return your rug back to its original condition! Whether it is regular wear and tear or accidental damage from a pet, we are ready to restore your rug! Contact Hadeed-Mercer Carpet at 804-358-3811 or fill out our Schedule Service form here.

Rugs Restored from Water Damage in Mechanicsville, VA

September 11, 2020

“I requested area rug cleaning by Hadeed-Mercer Carpet. My rug was damaged by storms in August 2020. The cleaning of the rug was so beautiful and other needed services, such as fringe repair, were done as well. I called to find out any concerns and updates along the process and the return calls and emails were very diligent and professionally handled. I would recommend Hadeed-Mercer to my family and friends.”
– Gwen H. in Mechanicsville, VA

Summer storms led to flooding that damaged your rugs and carpets? No need to despair about needing to get rid of them – Hadeed-Mercer Carpet offers restoration and repair services! Describe the state of your rug(s) to us at (804) 358-3811!

Pet Stains and Chew Marks on Prized Rug in Mechanicsville, VA?

August 6, 2020

Spot evidence that your pets love your rugs as much as you do and you’re finding pet stains and chew marks? Hadeed-Mercer Carpet specializes in pet restoration issues! Our in-house staff of weavers and restoration specialists will use their knowledge and experience to return your prized rug as close to its original state as possible. For your rug cleaning and repairs needed in Mechanicsville, VA, call or text Hadeed-Mercer Carpet at (804) 358-3811. If you stand on it, we stand behind it!

Restored Carpets in Richmond, VA

July 9, 2020

“Not only did Hadeed-Mercer Carpet come to our aid after an in house flood but the employees were very helpful and were fast and gave us good advice. Thanks to all at the plant and the carpets came back in great shape.”
– D.M in Richmond, VA

Need to save your rugs from water damage? Our staff of expert restoration specialists are ready to help! Schedule your rug and carpet pickup at (804) 358-3811!

Outstanding Cleaning and Rug Restoration by the Hadeed-Mercer Crew

June 5, 2020

“Outstanding service! I dropped off two rugs and was informed that I could bring in a third for free cleaning due to their special at the time. Bonus! I dropped off a favorite tribal rug that my grand dog favored as a chew toy. I had little hope for the repair and certainly did not expect that it would look as good as new. Once restored, there was no evidence of dog mania. It was good as new. Hadeed-Mercer staff provided useful advice and were exceptionally friendly and accommodating.”
– A.R in Mechanicsville, VA

We love hearing positive feedback from our customers! Whether it’s damage from your pets, kids, accidental spills, dirt and debris tracked from the outside, our rug experts will give your rug and carpets the restoration that it needs. Schedule your pick up and delivery at (804) 358-3811.

We Specialize in Fixing Pet Issues for Your Rug

August 30, 2019

Did you know that Hadeed-Mercer specializes in restoring pet issues? This includes damage to the rug that needs patching, re-fringing, deodorizing, and/or stain removal. After Hadeed-Mercer’s services, you won’t believe the results! For your rug in Mechanicsville, VA, contact Hadeed-Mercer at (804) 358-3811!

Family Heirloom From Blackstone, VA to be Restored

November 29, 2018

“While assessing the basement of my mother-in-law’s house after remodeling, we discovered an old woven rug with pet stains. I am wondering if the rug can be restored and if yes, then what the estimate would be. The dimensions are 11″ x 20″. Thank you!”
– S.C. in Blackstone, VA

Recently found an older rug that was a family heirloom and need it restored? Contact Hadeed-Mercer Carpet today for free pick up and delivery for your rug restoration!