A dry rug is a happy rug

June 21, 2017

A crucial factor in cleaning a rug is the question of whether it gets properly dried after the washing. You can do a wonderful job of cleaning the built up dirt, but if you don’t properly dry the rug, you may be creating a new problem.

After washing, every effort must be made to remove the excess water left in the rug. Once this has been done, hang the rug in a dry, warm room with constant air circulation. At the Hadeed-Mercer of Richmond plant, there is a state of the art drying room with a full system to keep dry air flowing on the rugs.

Reviews tell the story…..

June 9, 2017

“Our rugs were so bad we were going to throw them away, but gave cleaning and repair a try. (Dogs love fringe) So pleased with the results. Saved money and the rugs are like new! Highly recommend this company.”

“Both pick up and delivery staff were knowledgeable and efficient. Notified me when they were en route and kept to their promised times.”

“Really good work. Rugs were way past due for cleaning. Look bright and clean now with new heavy duty pads to protect them for another set of years. Friendly staff always informed me of what they were doing.”

“I’m a first time customer with Hadeed and recently had several Persian rugs both cleaned, repaired and restored. I left impressed with the overall quality of the cleaning process and repair, step by step operations, professional staff and the timeliness of delivery. The repair experts were fantastic and 100% restored. I will be a return customer and continued referral for your services!”