Accidents on Your Rug After the Memorial Day Weekend?

May 24, 2019

“We had a family get together on Memorial Day weekend where there were lots of kids and pets running around our home. Unfortunately, my woven area rug took some damages. I’m looking for staining treatment and a wash – thank you!”
– L.S. in Charlottesville, MD

Lots of foot traffic in your home and your rug needing to be cleaned? No problem! Hadeed-Mercer has your rug cleaning covered. Call us at (804) 358-3811 to schedule pick up of your rug!

Great Job Cleaning Rugs in Richmond, VA

May 17, 2019

“I have had 4 rugs cleaned, taking the 2 smaller rugs to the Hadeed-Mercer site, and the 2 larger rugs were picked up and delivered. The service has been wonderful all around. The attitude of all employees has been great – friendly, professional and helpful. The cleaning job was great. We will be back when the rugs need a bath.”
– A.N. in Richmond, VA

Whether you bring the rug to us or we pick it up from you, we’ll give your rugs a thorough wash. Contact Hadeed-Mercer Carpet at 804-358-3811 to schedule your rug pick up and delivery!

Pet Stains on Heirloom Rug in Charlottesville, VA

May 10, 2019

Found pet stains on your beloved heirloom rug in Charlottesville, VA? We’ve got the solution! For many years, the Hadeed-Mercer team has dealt with stains, repairs, and restoration needs of all kinds. Schedule your rug pick up and delivery with Hadeed-Mercer soon!

Repaired Persian Rug in Richmond, VA

May 3, 2019

“I have an ancient Persian rug which needed very experienced workmanship and weavers to save it from cracking. The job was done well and carefully evaluated. I am very impressed. Very few people would know how to save the carpet. I am grateful to Hadeed-Mercer!”
– Caroline in Richmond, VA

Have a rug that needs careful repair? Our staff has many years of experience handling woven Oriental rugs. Contact Hadeed-Mercer today for your rug cleaning or repairs!