Is it Time for Your Area Rug to be Thoroughly Cleaned?

October 29, 2018

“I have two Oriental rugs that need cleaning after years of regular use in high traffic areas in my home. The dimensions are approximately 51” x 80” and 32” x 74”. What would be the estimate for cleaning them? Thank you!”
– Ashland, VA

Noticing that your area rugs need a good cleaning? Contact Hadeed-Mercer today! We offer pick up and delivery, including placement of your rugs in your home.

Mildew on Your Rug? Hadeed-Mercer Will Take Care of It!

October 24, 2018

“I have a 32 year old Turkish Hereke that I have always cleaned myself. One day, I cleaned it when there was not enough sun to dry it out. The humidity was high that day, and it ended up starting to mildew. My friend recommended Hadeed-Mercer, and I just sent it off this morning. Even the pick up crew knows their carpets! I’m feeling so hopeful and optimistic that they can fix any damage I may have done to what is a family treasure to us.”
– T. S. in Charlottesville, VA

We understand that accidents may happen while managing your own rug cleaning – an improper dry, a tear in the fringe, etc. Our services include cleaning, repairs, and restoration. Contact Hadeed-Mercer today!



Rugs Have Pet Stains or Damage in Petersburg, VA?

October 17, 2018

Do your pets really love your rugs and it’s beginning to show? We specialize in restoring your rug from damage done from your pets! Whether it’s staining from pet urine or your new pup has destroyed the fringe on your Oriental rug, Hadeed-Mercer has you covered. Contact us today to restore your rug like new! We offer pick up and delivery in Petersburg, VA and all around the Richmond area!

Repaired Iranian Kashan Rug in Charlottesville, VA

October 8, 2018

“I need my my 10×14 hand woven Iranian Kashan rug to be repaired. There was a hole caused by water damage from a planter. I’d like an estimate for repair by patching or re-weaving. I used Hadeed-Mercer to have it cleaned a few years ago. Thank you!”
– E.S. in Charlottesville, VA

Is there damage to your rug from pets, water damage, kids or other reasons outside of your control? Contact Hadeed-Mercer today to restore it like new! We do free pick up and delivery.

We Offer a New Menu of Services of All Types of Rugs!

October 2, 2018

We are offering a new menu of cleaning services for all types of rugs! Whether it’s a handmade tufted rug, machine made synthetic rug, machine made wool rug, or a handmade wool rug, we will give your rugs a thorough, detailed clean! Contact Hadeed-Mercer today to pick up your rug in Mechanicsville or our other service areas in Virginia.