We Specialize in Fixing Pet Issues for Your Rug

August 30, 2019

Did you know that Hadeed-Mercer specializes in restoring pet issues? This includes damage to the rug that needs patching, re-fringing, deodorizing, and/or stain removal. After Hadeed-Mercer’s services, you won’t believe the results! For your rug in Mechanicsville, VA, contact Hadeed-Mercer at (804) 358-3811!

Cleaned and Repaired Rug in Charlottesville, VA

August 23, 2019

“Hadeed-Mercer recently cleaned and repaired a rug from my kitchen. Wonderful work. Rug is like new. Also, I purchased 10 new pads for rugs throughout my home. What a difference! The rugs feel like new and I know the pads will extend the lives of the rugs for many years.”
– S.O in Charlottesville, VA

Need repairs or new pads for your rug? Call Hadeed-Mercer Carpet at 804-358-3811!

Rug Repair and Restoration Needed in Richmond, VA

August 15, 2019

Notice wear and tear on your prized rug? Along with thorough rug cleaning, Hadeed-Mercer also offers rug repair and restoration services! Our team specializes in repairs for the fringe, any patching needed, and edge reinforcement. For your rug repair in Richmond, VA, schedule your rug pick up and delivery at (804) 358-3811!

Throw Rugs Cleaned in Mechanicsville, VA

August 6, 2019

“I had 9 throw rugs cleaned. This company is top notch, very thorough and has the best customer service. The drivers meet you at the door to return your carpets and they explain their cleaning methods. Kudos to all the individuals that cleaned my carpets. I am a Hadeed-Mercer customer forever.”
– T.L in Mechanicsville, VA

Are you looking for a reliable, thorough rug cleaning service? Schedule your rug cleaning with Hadeed-Mercer at (804) 358-3811!