No Need for New Rugs – You Need Hadeed!

June 20, 2022

Dirt, allergens, odors, fading, and damage… You don’t need new rugs, you need Hadeed! Our team of skilled, experienced rug cleaning and repair specialists will help you resolve any issues concerning your rugs. Check out our cleaning offers going on this month! Schedule your rug pickup and delivery by calling us at 804-358-3811.

Number One in Service and Results for Rug Cleaning in Richmond, VA

June 1, 2022

“These guys are #1 in service and results. They were so kind and professional. I had a home disaster and they were the only vendors who did what they said they would do, and did it extraordinarily well. Don’t make a mistake and take your rugs anywhere else.”
– Nancy in Richmond, VA

Don’t take your rugs anywhere else – you need Hadeed-Mercer! We are your One Stop Shop with a robust menu of rug cleaning and home cleaning services. We’ve got our best deals going on right now! Contact us today at 804-358-3811!

Spring Special Offers to Remove Pollen and Dirt Off Your Rugs

May 23, 2022

Our team will remove all of the pollen and dirt that have collected on your rugs this Spring! We have deals on express and signature rug cleaning, along with sanitizing and other cleaning services. Don’t miss out on these special offers! Schedule your rug pickup, service and delivery with Hadeed-Mercer Carpet at 804-358-3811.

Get Rid of All of the Dust, Debris and Pollen from This Spring!

May 9, 2022

It’s the worst allergy season in years! Let our rug cleaning experts get rid of all of the dust, debris and pollen that have collected on your rugs throughout the season. Get 15% off on in-plant rug cleaning! We also have offers for sanitizing and disinfecting rugs and other cleaning services. You need Hadeed-Mercer – get your Spring refresh today! Call us at 804-358-3811.

Spring Fresh Specials Still Available Until the End of the Month

April 25, 2022

You still have until the end of this month to take advantage of our Spring Fresh Specials! Save big on express or signature rug cleaning and other services for your home and office cleaning needs. To schedule your rug pickup and delivery or to learn more about these current offers, contact Hadeed-Mercer Carpet at 804-358-3811.

Honored To Have Served Our Community for 67 Years!

April 14, 2022

We are honored to have served our community for 67 years! Michael and Teddy Hadeed founded Hadeed Carpet on April 13, 1955. Michael’s son Joe continues the family honored tradition of hand washing rugs and serving the community.

Need cleaning or repair services for your rug this Spring? There is still time to use our current specials on rug cleaning, sanitizing, or other home and office cleaning options. Call us today at 804-358-3811 or visit our website!

Catch Our Spring Cleaning Specials Before They’re Gone!

April 11, 2022

Take advantage of our Spring specials before they’re gone! Save your rugs from all of the grime, pet mess, allergens, and odors that may have collected over the last season. Save 15% off on in-plant express or signature rug cleaning services. We also have offers for sanitizing treatment and other home cleaning services! To schedule your rug pickup or delivery, contact Hadeed-Mercer Carpet at 804-358-3811.

Freshen and Restore Your Rugs This Spring!

March 23, 2022

Spring is now here! Do your rugs need to be saved from the damage of Winter? Our team will provide a deep down professional cleaning for your rugs, removing all of the grime, pet mess, allergens and odors. Get 15% off on our express or signature cleaning. We also have deals on sanitizing, restoration, and other home or office cleaning services! Contact Hadeed-Mercer Carpet by calling 804-358-3811 or filling out our service request form here.

Your Rugs Need a Healthy, Fresh Rescue!

March 9, 2022

After a cruel Winter and the beginning of a temperamental Spring, your rugs need a healthy, fresh rescue! Get 15% off our express or signature rug cleaning services! We also have other great deals on professional home and office cleaning. To schedule your rug pickup and delivery, give Hadeed-Mercer Carpet a call at 804-358-3811 or fill out the service request form here.

Last Chance to Get Our Best Rug Cleaning Deal Ever!

February 23, 2022

Last chance to get our best deal ever! This special offer runs until the end of the month – don’t wait until it’s gone! For every two rugs cleaned, get the third rug cleaned for free. If you have less than three rugs that need to be washed, you can still save 15% off in plant rug cleaning. Schedule your rug pickup and delivery by calling Hadeed-Mercer Carpet at 804-358-3811 or fill out our service form here.